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Address by President

We seek to achieve sustainability in all of our business activities. One of our core beliefs is that to achieve a brighter future, we must ensure that we sustain success in business. In the past years we have strengthened our stability, while establishing core competencies and joint efforts across the Group.


The company operates in a variety of fields. We have proved ourselves in the market within just a short period of time. We believe that the key to our success is the fact that we work hard, side by side with our employees, as one family. Biotite holding Company has gained a large share in the domestic market due to our strong commitment and focus on product quality, including the best possible delivery time. In addition to this, we are seeking to expand our business market both in and outside of Saudi Arabia. The company also has a dedicated translation team which means that we can communicate comfortably with our Arabic, English, Chinese, German, and French clients and companies abroad.

Vision and Values

At Biotite four corporate values guide our business conduct and underpin all of our operations:
Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Accountability.
These values help the company to succeed and maintain our position as one of the most respected companies in the world.
Employees are expected to live by these values and promote them throughout the business. We truly believe in our ‘values,’ and endeavor to conduct ourselves with that in mind each and every day.


(We follow ethical standards in conducting our business)

The integrity of business at Biotite is based on the ethical standards of our employees in our everyday operations. Integrity is a precious asset – our reputation is at stake, and the foundation of corporate integrity is personal integrity.

We treat people with fairness and respect. We embrace diversity and accept differences. And we do not tolerate misconduct.


We show compassion and humanity to our colleagues and customers around the world. We always work for the benefit of our communities. We value trust and reciprocate accordingly.

We believe in always providing excellent customer service while caring for our employees.


((We strive for the best results and are agile in addressing new challenges)

At Biotite excellence translates into every aspect of our workplace. We have a personal and group commitment to doing what we do well. We strive for best results and are agile in addressing new challenges. As a business, we drive excellence by setting challenging goals, rewarding top performance, committing ourselves to developing our people, encouraging innovation, creativity and diversity of thought, and by fostering teamwork and open communication.


((We take responsibility for our actions and for meeting corporate objectives)

Accountability means that all the employees at Biotite take responsibility for their actions in meeting corporate objectives. Accountability for achieving the company's overall business objectives starts with the goals and objectives outlined by the president and CEO for the company’s business lines, and permeates throughout the entire company. Our employees place authority where responsibility lies, deliver on commitments and seek and provide constructive feedback.

Organizational Structure

Biotite’s Board have diligently structured its organization to suit the dynamic nature of the company’s business. To effectively and efficiently achieve its goals, Biotite has created a harmonious internal organizational culture that spans its various units and activities. Specialized Committees have been established as well to support decision making processes and to ensure that plans are executed with a high level of professionalism.


Our Company

The company operates in a variety of areas including:

* General construction and maintenance of buildings.

* Import of machinery, cars, trucks and spare parts.

* Advertising.

* Ecommerce.

* Water and telephone networks.

* Electricity and sanitation.

* Irrigation works.

* Import of electronic devices.

* Providing after-sales service.



Biotite is keen to apply the most important and highest standards of human communication in all its companies. The group Biotite operates with a special philosophy within all levels of the workforce.

This philosophy is based on ten main principles on dealing with employees, including among others:

*Listening to the employee.

* Knowing their problems and benefiting from their ideas.

* Respecting their feelings.

* Understanding their human needs.

It is necessary to use incentives to motivate employees to work hard. It is important to fulfill their career ambitions and professional aspirations for the future. In addition, rewards and recognition raise the employees’ sense of importance and sense of appreciation for their efforts.

The community

A community is generally defined as a group of people sharing a common purpose, who are interdependent for the fulfillment of certain needs, who live in close proximity and who interact on a regular basis.

There are shared expectations for all members of the group, and responsibility taken from those expectations.

To foster our sense of community we encourage feelings of cooperation, of commitment to the group welfare, of willingness to communicate openly, and of responsibility to and for others, as well as to oneself.




With more than 100 employees, Biotite understands that its human assets are its most important assets. Our sheer diversity of people, each with their own unique experience, skills, insights and cultural understanding, has helped us serve an equally diverse range of customers over the past years. Our standards and culture are determined by our people. From our Saudization initiatives, to our workforce diversity, embracing of best practices, and empowering of professionals with special physical needs, we believe that talent and passion come from all walks of life.

Whatever drives you, whatever your chosen career path may be, be it in sales, marketing, HR, engineering, investments, administration, finance, IT and more, our Group could hold the key to your career. If you’re looking for a challenging and enjoyable work environment, and want to realize your potential and be recognized for your work, we can help fulfill your aspirations.

Besides a world-class working environment, competitive salary packages, incentives and fast growth, we are a company where talented individuals can go as far and as fast as their ambition and ability take them. See your achievements recognized and rewarded, and let us help you reach your goals. It’s simple: when our people succeed, we do too.

Five great reasons to work with us:

More than just a job:

We have gained our reputation as one of the Saudi’s most admired employers by providing an environment where individuals can achieve their goals, both professionally and personally. We are aware that to attract and retain the best people, we must offer them more: more ways to take advantage of the opportunities, more room to succeed and grow, and more directions in which to pursue their careers.


Because of the sheer diversity of our Group companies, we have a vast range of roles, disciplines, and functions to satisfy the most imaginative and determined minds. And as our business evolves, new possibilities arise. With us you can become a business leader, work on brands and verticals you're passionate about, and develop specialist knowledge and expertise.


We believe that traditional values and forward-thinking can co-exist, that the young can learn from the old, and that experience and enthusiasm are equally important. We’re passionate about innovation, and actively encourage new ideas, while revisiting old practices to help direct change and deliver success. We empower our people from anywhere and everywhere, to propose, nurture and mature ground-breaking ideas that help our business, our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.


We’ve created a working culture in which all differences are valued: from age and ethnicity, to thinking styles and beliefs. Our aim is to make everyone feel involved, respected and connected. It's only when the richness of our different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives work together that true business value is created.

Listen :

We regularly conduct surveys amongst our employees to find out if there are any issues that need to be addressed or improved upon. This gives everyone a chance to make suggestions on improving our work environment, add their input into policies, or to address areas of concern.

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